Erika Scoby

Director of Operations, Strategic Relations

I Prize Empathy and Enablement.

Erika Scoby comes to the XPRIZE Foundation with over 10 years of experience in project and program management. Mrs. Scoby is responsible for strategy development, organizational planning, cross-functional team alignment, operational process improvement, budget management, and management of a team to support front-line fundraising efforts.

Prior to joining XPRIZE, Ms. Scoby served as Director of Project Management and Customer Onboarding at Ripple, a blockchain startup in San Francisco. At Ripple, Ms. Scoby built the professional services processes and program managed all projects for back-end integrations with banks. Ms. Scoby has also worked in project and program management in software professional services and government contracting.

Ms. Scoby has an MS in physics from UCLA and a BA in physics from the University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Ms. Scoby enjoys traveling, watching movies, golfing, playing tennis, motorcycling, snorkeling, picking up new skills, and going on adventures with her husband and toddler.